Stringtown Polar Express

The Polar Express is a train ride for the whole family that leaves the Stringtown Station and travels to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus.


Each guest on the Polar Express will get to visit Santa Claus, tell him what they want for Christmas, and get their picture taken. Santa also sings Christmas songs with the kids, tells a Christmas story, and teaches about the true meaning of Christmas.



During the journey back from the North Pole, guests will hear music and see pictures about Christ's birth, His life, and the true meaning of Christmas.


We started running the Stringtown Polar Express in 2006. In total, over 40,000 guests have traveled on the Polar Express to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus.

The Stringtown Polar Express leaves from the Stringtown station at 455 East 200 North in Lindon, Utah. See the map and driving directions for more information.

Cost / Donations:
The Stringtown Polar Express is a free, and we do not charge admission. However, we rely on donations from guests to continue to run these events. If you would like to donate to help continue this tradition, we recommend a $2 per guest donation. All donations exceeding our costs are donated to local charities.



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